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How Much Do You Know About Internet Marketing?

Nhat Lai      Thursday, August 2, 2018

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My ImageInternet marketing like any other area has technical terms and language itself, which for the amateur may seem strange or incomprehensible.
Here's a quiz with some of the terms used in digital marketing.
Let's see how many you get right and how much of an Internet marketing expert you are. 

Ready? Let's go:

1. Autoresponder

A. Standardized response to all your contacts
B. To respond quickly to your audience
C. An answer for the company
D. Software used to send automatic messages 


2. Broadcast

A. Audience
B. When you send a message to all your contacts
C. Characters from a story
D. When you train your team

3. Avatar

A. A Hollywood movie
B. A website template you want to model
C. A virtual image of the person you want to reach
D. A hacker

4. Lead

A. Languages ​​of your text
B. Text to be read in a video
C. People who have the potential to buy from you
D. Customer

5. Landing page

A. An entry point for a website
B. Sales page of your product
C. Where your videos are
D. Your product promotion page

6. Capture page

A. A page where you publish information
B. A page that is an entry point to your website
C. A page where you sell your product
D. A page where you collect or email or telephone your lead

7. Conversion 

A. When you sell a product
B. When a visitor becomes a lead or a lead becomes a customer
C. When your avatar performs an action,  
D. When you buy a product

8. Copy

A. When you copy someone's internet marketing
B. When you copy someone's product
C. The art of writing texts
D. Communicate with your target audience

Check the answers:

1. D
2. B
3. C
4. C
5. A
6. D
7. B
8. C

Now check your score:

1-2 correct answers: You have potential but are still learning...
3-4 correct answers: You're getting there! With a little more study you will be a professional...
5-6 correct answers: You are almost a professional, a little bit more and you get there!
7-8 correct answers: You are a true internet marketing professional!